What do we offer?

Come with us on the new manufacturing era and start enjoying the Industry 4.0!

Paul, the brain

  • It works even without PLC connection!
  • Plug & Play, inside or outside the electrical panel
  • Digital and analog I/O, ModBus, Eth connection and much more
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connection
  • No IT or electrical competencies required

Operator's App

  • Engage and support the team
  • Online Video training
  • Provides the right insights at the right time
  • Download it from Google Play or the App Store
  • Available on all Mobile devices (tablet, phones, smart watches)

Dashboard online

  • Tune in as you need!
  • Actionable reports and analysis, ready to go!
  • Focus on process improvement
  • Data anywhere and everywhere

Just 3 Steps and
you are ready to go!

Open the box, feed Paul with a power supply and connect sensors to your line/machine.

Download the TechMass App and connect directly with Paul via Wi-Fi.
Discover how Paul engages and support the team.

Access the online Dashboard and discover a whole universe you were not aware of!

Try it for one month.

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